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Announcing U.S. Distribution of WNDSN Products at Stately Asset Protection

BERLIN, 2020-09-28 - WNDSN Products are now Available Stateside with Stately Asset Protection (SAP Gear)

SAP Gear, the American pre-eminent webshop for products for “Low-Visibility, High Impact” equipment is now featuring the three most popular WNDSN products from the line up of exploration instruments, including the High-Viz Quadrant Telemeter, the MIL/MOA Range Calculator, and the Telemeter Dog Tag.

Shipping from Germany has become a challenge for WNDSN customers living in the U.S. due to ongoing Corona mitigation measures, with shipping rates becoming up to five times as expensive as before. Now whether working in the field or spending time at the range, professionals and enthusiasts alike have access again to the unrivaled WNDSN instruments.

Stately Asset Protection and WNDSN share the same values of developing skill and preparedness in volatile, unpredictable environments.

The SAP Gear Team states,

“We at SAP Gear are truly thankful for the opportunity to offer the quality measurement and navigation tools from WNDSN to our amazing clients. We are true believers in understanding the basics and having options outside of technology, and WNDSN’s tools are right in line with that concept. Thank you to the WNDSN team for all of your support and allowing us to join you in this journey.”

About SAP Gear: Stately Asset Protection, a veteran-run organization, has been the go-to resource for medical preparedness, counter-custody, and digital security gear since 2015.

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Based in Berlin, WNDSN's Applied Science Lab develops and manufactures low-tech, high-utility tools and instruments with the objective of providing or enhancing "that, which can’t be improvised" in low-probability, high-impact scenarios where it is most needed, yet usually unavailable or non-permissive. The resulting products are measurement, calculation, and exploration instruments informed by the motto "Ex Mensura, Scientia" -- knowledge from measurement.


WNDSN [ˈwɪndsən] provides knowledge and tools for educating and training professionals and enthusiasts in the mastery of time and space.

WNDSN is devising instruments to measure values in the real world, calculate meaningful results from the acquired data, and process the insights as input for various problem solving tasks.


WNDSN produces archival quality products that are designed with intent by combining techniques proven over centuries, bringing together the early history of science with cutting-edge, contemporary methods, resulting in iconic, timeless, high-utility designs in the spirit of the Renaissance.

WNDSN creates custom-built instruments and multi-purpose tools, metrology and illumination solutions with applications in urban reconnaissance, hostile theaters, disaster areas, and outdoor exploration.