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WNDSN x Spartanat Coordinate Scale

Berlin/Vienna, 2020-10-07 - The WNDSN x SPARTANAT Coordinate Scale Telemeter is a collaboration between precision instrument maker WNDSN from Berlin and gear magazine Spartanat from Vienna.

The front side contains a range calculator that goes up to 6 MIL (NATO-MIL) and the back side hosts a quadrant for measuring slope and elevation angles in percent, as well as in degrees, and in MIL with a resolution of 1 degree or 25 MIL. Furthermore, there is a coordinate scale for the common map scales of 1:25k and 1:50k divided into 0.1 and 0.2 km to measure or transfer right-angled coordinates from or to topographical maps with UTM, MGRS, USNG or other metric coordinate systems.

The double-sided Coordinate Scale Telemeter is a tool for navigation, altitude, and distance determination and enables the user to do more than merely guessing distances. It works by finding an object of known dimension, distance, or angular size, then measuring it with the appropriate scales, and using the baked-in trigonometry to find the desired value by aligning the provided string across the various scales. Using the string as a plumb line for the quadrant opens up further possibilities for measuring and sighting.

Scales on the WNDSN x Spartanat Coordinate Scale Telemeter:

  • Angular size and distance
  • Height or depth of an object
  • Degree, MIL, and slope quadrant
  • Coordinate scale

The Coordinate Scale Telemeter is another WNDSN multi tool for emergency navigation, for training purposes or for comparing the results of other instruments, a powerhouse of critical functions in one durable, low tech, high utility instrument that can be brought anywhere and belongs in every instructor's and survival kit.

The WNDSN x Spartanat Planzeiger is now available exclusively in the web shop Spartanat. The instrument is accompanied by an instructions booklet in both German and English.


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